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Alternative Kids Clothing

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Alternative kids clothing

              designed by Wilbur the cat!


Our fashion looks for little felines discovering the world are comfortable, versatile and flexible created to make them feel free and always cute, in the manner of cats themselves!

We make quality, sustainable and functional alternative organic clothing for children. Locally and ethically produced in Barcelona for kids from 2 to 12 years old. Discover our graphic world through the comic book about the story of Wilbur, our designer.

alternative kids clothing


sustainable alternative kids clothing

The alternative kids clothing project

Born in Barcelona, Spain, THECATBRANDW is a project to make alternative kids clothes to learn to love fashion, wearing clothes that make them feel different, free and at ease, with good quality materials and different details that help them define their tastes with a unique personality.

We present small collections made in certified organic materials, manufactured in local factories next to the Mediterranean, in small towns where the tradition of knitting is as old as traditional since the Industrial Revolution.  We like to combine trends with ancient know-how, because we believe that dressing with care is a gesture that we can show to our children and that gives value to the garments, for a more conscious and durable consumption.

Our Cat Dresses up your children in cute alternative kids clothing outfits. From school to playdates, we have alternative and sustainable clothes that adds them super style and keeps them super comfy. 

Let’s style your little boy or girl. Find alternative kids’ outfits and dressy looks with our hoodies, skirts, t-shirts and trousers. (Straight, Skinny, and relaxed? Oh yeah!) 

Discover our alternative kids clothing collection at Next. Childhood is about fun and freedom, and that's exactly what inspires our collection. Our cat help them to embrace their own sense of style. We have a great collection for girls and boys, with something for every occasion. 

Whether your children are determined to add sparkles and sequins to every outfit or they´re more interested in comfy and cosy sportswear, our alternatvie kidswear is sure to get their approval. From party dresses to hoodies, T-shirts, skirts, trousers and dresses, you can shop to your heart’s content!

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