In my previous post I talked about what footwear to wear with one piece dress (or several from Wilbur's World Collection by THECATBRANDW), and today I present another small piece of clothing, but no less important, because I think it is key to get a great look from head to toe: ladys and gentlemen, the socks!!

Kids especially like to wear fun or flashy socks, one more way to teach them that dressing up (and choosing how you dress) is fun and can be part of the game. Luckily, many adults are daring enough to wear crazy socks with a much formal attire, totally for it!!!!

Here you will find a few selected models from some Spanish firms, chosen to happily accompany seven fashion pieces of my brand: Did you know that sweatshirts and socks are always a successful match?

1. These socks called Kids lions, signed by Jimmy Lyon (@jimmylyonncy) will give another twist to the girl´s dress Long hoodie in ivory with gold details from THECATBRANDW. Jimmy Lyon brand was born in Madrid and sells internationally, hits it big in adults and also has a very cool section for kids.

2. And the classic stripes could not be missing. This time I have opted for gray and white because I have seen them suitable to complete this total look of unisex Wall Grafitti hoodie in black/silver logo with the Cropped culotte pants from Wilbur's World Collection. This sock is from the Andalusian firm Ponte el calcetín (@ponteelcalcetin).

3. A sweet tandem for the pale pink Batwing Sweatshirt for little girls that finds its ideal sock match in this model called Valentin Stamped Stars, also from the brand Texevolution ( A delight in pastel colors from head to toe.

4. Wall Grafitti hoodie in black/orange logo and Jimmy Lion (@Jimmylionncy) Kids athletic leopard sock. The casualwear spirit and leopards understand each other by nature since the Kenzo brand united them forever.

5. A favorite combination, because this model of Texevolution ( which reference is Valentín Estampado Huellas pays a small tribute to us. To cats and other creatures whose little paws have been drawn, although fekines stand out more how (it cannot be said any other way). Plus it is a sock that looks perfect with the Wall Grafitti hoodie in blue/black logo from THECATBRANDW . I strongly recommend you take a look at the website of this sock brand that has cool prints.

6. From the brand Ponte el calcetín (@ponteelcalcetin) I have selected this long model with panda bear print with the same name. Do cats and panda bears get along? Well, I don't know, I haven't met one yet -:); but black and white do get along great with the Silver Whiskers Top from THECATBRANDW. Both share a certain oriental girlie feel.

7. And finally, a pair of tights. Because I know how difficult it is for moms when they are looking to combine this or that color, because designers (like me) always pick very particular shades to print in their collections , and later, the rest of the mortals have to go finding out the right color (or a similar one) in any accessory. Et voilà, here it is; at ( you will find this pale pink plumeti stocking for little girls that goes perfectly with the Cat Manifesto Sweatshirt or with all dresses in the same pale pink tone from the Wilbur's World Collection of children's clothing.

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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Some moms (or dads, or aunts, or uncles, or grandmas, or grandpas, or grandpas...) might like comfortable casual clothes for kids, i.e.: knitwear in jersey cotton, but with a more fashion twist which, lucky them, is just what I design for THECATBRANDW! And maybe since we're getting into style, you might like to have some ideas about what footwear could be right with these, beyond the typical sneaker, which as we know, is what comes to mind when we think of knitwear.

I am the first advocate of comfortable sneakers, plus the little ones love them; but sometimes, depending on the moment, especially if we choose to put them in a more sophisticated dress, we would like them to wear something different. Specially in winter, where we have such cool boots that keep them warm. So today I will show you a few matches: between some dresses from the THECATBRANDW collection that you can find on our site, and a series of models of shoes and boots from brands made in Spain, where we have excellent workmanship. Hopefully it will be useful and inspire you!

1. This first combination is fun and very cool. I've seen love between the Wilbur dress with camera and these rocker boots in camouflage leather from the brand Okaa Spain (@okaaspain) limited edition. I like the contrast of its light beige color (which is the same shade of my hair, remember I'm THE ONE IN THE PHOTO, hahaha!!!) with the black of the dress. Matching leggings to complete the look? I will choose them in mustard.

2. I can't decide, so I bring you both: the rock'n and roll version and the cheerleader version. Two different styles that work depending on the accessories you put on each one. This high boot sneaker called Mustang from Hermi (@hermikids) and its minimalist design is perfect for my Disco ruffles & sequins dress for girl. How about if you complete this outfit with some openwork tights? And for a different look & feel to this dress, try the Bubble kids navy patent leather platform boots, Martens style also from Hermi's. What socks would you wear? Any one that incorporates navy, blue, gray; it can be striped, with small two-tone polka dots... And remember that you can also find this THECATBRANDW dress for girls online in pale pink and black. In case any of these were your choose, then go with the white boot.

3. Here comes two functional and beautiful pieces that would love to be together as the perfect wildcard for many months. Take the Long Hoodie black dress for girl with silver tricot details on cuffs, hem and embroidered logo, and pair it easily with this low boot made of split leather, also in black, with silver gray stars print and velcro closure. This last one it's from Titanitos (@titanitosspain). These two match not only for style, but also for comfort! And by the way, the blue version of this same Long Hoodie dress, is also perfect for this shoe model.

4. Mini ruffles dye for cowboy boots, that's a fact, that's why this pair is destined to get along, whether they go country dancing together or not. On the left, the Pard dress for girls, made of organic cotton, a hallmark of THECATBRANDW's quality clothing; on the right, the Confetti cowboy boot (@confettishoesdesign) (available at Puntapie @zapateria puntapie). The natural beige tone of this cool boot stands out beautifully with the buttery shade of this dress.

5. Sometimes the dresses that seem the most delicate are the ones that, with the right accessory, can give you a style twist you don't expect. Like this duo I have prepared here: take the Tulle Roller skate dress in very pale pink with silver details and its tulle overskirt, and combine it with this shoe find: metallic faux leather military boots with quilted interior, by Conguitos (@conguitos). Suddenly, you'll give a lot more push to this feminine garment which hides a punk princess soul.

6. My favorite ballerinas are the ones with straps that climb up the leg or tie at the ankle, I've always thought they are much more stylish, so I couldn't resist this model in matte gold leather from Pasitrote (@pasitrote), and even more when I think they would look perfect with the golden Logo Dress for girls from THECATBRANDW, made in organic cotton with thread details in old or matte gold. I see this pair together and they look perfect to wear to a holiday celebration, or even to the New Year's Eve party!

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

"Hello there! This is Wilbur writing, equal parts cat and designer, never forget. And as these these two things inhabit me, I think my blog should reflect both things. So let me introduce you this place where you will find, depending on the moment, both issues. A) a little fashion diary with finds, styling tips and assorted inspirations from so many people doing cool stuff (and since my curiosity in matters of fashion, graphics, art, design, sustainable world and creativity is endless, be prepared to visit a lot of unique places and people) B) a sui géneris guide to the feline universe, so that, wether you are a cat lover or not, you can better understand this miracle of nature with two ears and whiskers, because believe me, we have a lot of peculiarities. To know us is to love us!



And here is my first post, I bring you six instagram accounts of jewelry creators that I´ve been poking around lately, either inspired by the children´s world or for kids to wear. We cats are also inspirational for som of them. Of course.


Oh my gooodness, this is a good one -:). Masha makes special jewelry from Ukraine that I absolutely love, ande her outfits? I couldn´t like her more, she is super creative with an irreverent sense of humor. Her pieces are colorful jewelry made from leftover toys. Amazing!

2. @BEADEDJEWELRYWORLD From Tallinn, Estonia, Julia the creator under beadedjewelryworld makes little pieces using beads, which is nice. I like it when she makes figures. Like this pair of earrings, my fovourite. They are supposed to be a cat and dog, and julia ask in her post: "Are you cat or dog person?" And I tell you, dear friend, let´s not segregate the world! I am a cat proud of my breed and suuuuper inclusive. Doggies are so cute and helpful....hahahaha, let them enjoy our company!!

3. @PETIT.CAT.JEWELRY Kawaii jewelry for girls, accessories and lots of kitty inspiration. Melissa, and artist working from Chiapas, Mexico, makes a world of miniatures to order. It makes me want to eat it aaaall ... Bravo Melissa and a big yummy!!

4. @LOTUS.FUN Not to brag, but, let´s face it, few things inspire humans as much as us domestic felines. The number of things that are made with our image would be countless! And since today I´m talking about jewelry, Lotus fun, who are from New York and always inspired by nature in their creations, make us a few tributes like these, do you like them?

5. @JEWELRYFORCOOLKIDS Indeed yes, cool little jewels and certainly POP. There is not much more in this creator instagram account I have to say, but I love the skateboard-earrings, wouldn´t they look great with THECATBRANDW sweatshirts??

6. @SHOPAGRODOLCE Sorry, I couldn´t resist this photo. If we have been given the chance, we cats would now be the only true world top models and this is but a little proof. We were born for it. And just a small remark to Shopagrodolce folks from NYC: next time don´t hesitate and shoot all your catalog with cat beauties, there is so much to choose from! And there is no agency commission, we do it for the fun of it.