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Hey! This is Wilbur, yes I’m a cat. I´m also a designer, I can´t help it. They say we cats are color blind? Hells no, I constantly imagine clothes and colors in my head. Well, I don´t go overboard with the colors either because I’m a bit of a minimalist. So I only paint a few of the, the ones I like. Naturally I’m a born stylist, yes!!, but God, I could never have been never an influencer... 


...because my cat-like character wouldn´t be able to attend son many events, I´m overwhelmed by the flashes, the crowds and the cocktails make me feel terrible. I´m an introvert (nothing like self-knowledge my friends) but I have my highlights, I give you that, I hope you follow me on instagram to see them! 

Here I will share some stories about my life. Born and early raised in Spain, in the prime of my life I was already dreaming so much about fashion that I decided to move to Paris to learn the job...


Do you want to know more?

Stay tuned for more of Wilbur´s story.

Very soon we will be posting new adventures! 

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