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Trees and cats are in good harmony, maybe we don’t have such a close bond as dogs do with trees (which is due to more physiological reasons) but we definitely like them. Particularly the Christmas ones, we love it! due to traditional hanging ornaments so cute that we like to "hunt" jumping around, which can make humans very nervous also. But because I am a sophisticated cat (I design alternative kids clothing for a reason) I will leave the fun aside to bring you a few trees that I liked browsing on instagram. I hope they give you as many ideas as me!

1-@emmalouisecorry This contemporary textile designer defines her style “with the right amount of sparkle”, she says. Good! That´s precisely why I like her. She makes these little wonders from England, you cam find her store in instagram. So nice.

2-@snippetofwhimsy Kenzie Kae is a graphic artist with a very wide universe, who defines her art as "happy". My favorites are these original trees between fashion and naive, it couldn´t be any other way!

3-@o_wow_shop Handmade wooden toys from England, wonderfully simple and sustainable, as their creator Alistair says on his website. Maybe I'll ask Santa for a couple of them, I think they agreat toys for a cat in case you have one like me at home.


Hillary Green is an art teacher for small kids in Georgia, EEUU. Her instagram is pure positive energy with all that color blowing. I love what she creates along with her little artists. Some of the works are very pop Warhol vibe!


She is a dutch designer and product developer. Jurianne has also a webshop too. Discover this account full of beautiful ideas with a color palette all her own. Delicious.


From Ukraine, this account makes crochet crafts that I would eat right now, literally; and don´t forget fiber is also good for our claws!!! They have a store on Etsy so you can download patterns. I say, very cute indeed.

7 -@_jazreyes

And the winner of the fun photo is Jazmin Reyes!! Digital creator of fashion, film and art from the Philippines. She reminds me of the good times of Victoria Beckman and Juergen Teller's campaigns. You can tell the girl is a fashionista.

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