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In my previous post I talked about what footwear to wear with one piece dress (or several from Wilbur's World Collection by THECATBRANDW), and today I present another small piece of clothing, but no less important, because I think it is key to get a great look from head to toe: ladys and gentlemen, the socks!!

Kids especially like to wear fun or flashy socks, one more way to teach them that dressing up (and choosing how you dress) is fun and can be part of the game. Luckily, many adults are daring enough to wear crazy socks with a much formal attire, totally for it!!!!

Here you will find a few selected models from some Spanish firms, chosen to happily accompany seven fashion pieces of my brand: Did you know that sweatshirts and socks are always a successful match?

1. These socks called Kids lions, signed by Jimmy Lyon (@jimmylyonncy) will give another twist to the girl´s dress Long hoodie in ivory with gold details from THECATBRANDW. Jimmy Lyon brand was born in Madrid and sells internationally, hits it big in adults and also has a very cool section for kids.

2. And the classic stripes could not be missing. This time I have opted for gray and white because I have seen them suitable to complete this total look of unisex Wall Grafitti hoodie in black/silver logo with the Cropped culotte pants from Wilbur's World Collection. This sock is from the Andalusian firm Ponte el calcetín (@ponteelcalcetin).

3. A sweet tandem for the pale pink Batwing Sweatshirt for little girls that finds its ideal sock match in this model called Valentin Stamped Stars, also from the brand Texevolution ( A delight in pastel colors from head to toe.

4. Wall Grafitti hoodie in black/orange logo and Jimmy Lion (@Jimmylionncy) Kids athletic leopard sock. The casualwear spirit and leopards understand each other by nature since the Kenzo brand united them forever.

5. A favorite combination, because this model of Texevolution ( which reference is Valentín Estampado Huellas pays a small tribute to us. To cats and other creatures whose little paws have been drawn, although fekines stand out more how (it cannot be said any other way). Plus it is a sock that looks perfect with the Wall Grafitti hoodie in blue/black logo from THECATBRANDW . I strongly recommend you take a look at the website of this sock brand that has cool prints.

6. From the brand Ponte el calcetín (@ponteelcalcetin) I have selected this long model with panda bear print with the same name. Do cats and panda bears get along? Well, I don't know, I haven't met one yet -:); but black and white do get along great with the Silver Whiskers Top from THECATBRANDW. Both share a certain oriental girlie feel.

7. And finally, a pair of tights. Because I know how difficult it is for moms when they are looking to combine this or that color, because designers (like me) always pick very particular shades to print in their collections , and later, the rest of the mortals have to go finding out the right color (or a similar one) in any accessory. Et voilà, here it is; at ( you will find this pale pink plumeti stocking for little girls that goes perfectly with the Cat Manifesto Sweatshirt or with all dresses in the same pale pink tone from the Wilbur's World Collection of children's clothing.

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