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Today I bring you five accounts where we cats and other animals (in this order always, please) are the muses of talented photographers. Today I put the drawing pencil on pause, along with the upcoming children's clothing collection I'm creating for THECATBRANDW, and dive into the good practice of self-homage, how about you dear humans giving us for Christmas a nice image for posterity? A beautiful gift! Here you will find some inspirations.

1. @fotografiamuyanimal Carlina Gea is a photographer from Alicante with a super aesthetic eye, I recommend her instagram strongly, the only thing I would say is that she seems to prefer dogs to cats, hahaha, although her photos are so beautiful that I forgive her!!!!

2. @catpartypetportraits From Los Angeles, California, Danielle Spires photographs in a very special way proud pet dads. Heavily influenced by the 80's double exposure portrait style, she has a kitschy point and quite a sense of humor in her posts. I wouldn´t mind a photo shooting with her either.

3. @mrs.tatcher Mrs. Tatcher looks like a very interesting retired lady, her instagram tells us that she walks with a camera and a cat, from the north to the south of Siberia, and forest is not lacking! Her cat looks a bit grumpy always, so we both would get on very well. Anyway, I'm not made for snow, and besides, it's a pity I don't know Russian so I cannot follow her owner's website.

4.@mantelpiecemasterpiece If we haven't yet taken the place we deserve in history, this account looks like it wants to make amends. With a bit of artistic-digital cut-and-paste, dogs and cats we are the protagonists of royal paintings dedicated to generals, princesses and all sorts of illustrious characters. A wonderful gift for our keepers, to say "masters" would seem like the Middle Ages to me.

5 @gezgethings Gerrard Getthings masters the art of photographing us as we are: complex creatures with a unique spirit, he seems to know how to look at us from the inside; that's why his photos are so celebrated and are exhibited in galleries all over Europe. I love the series he did of pets with their humans, true soul mates.

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