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Updated: Nov 10, 2021

"Hello there! This is Wilbur writing, equal parts cat and designer, never forget. And as these these two things inhabit me, I think my blog should reflect both things. So let me introduce you this place where you will find, depending on the moment, both issues. A) a little fashion diary with finds, styling tips and assorted inspirations from so many people doing cool stuff (and since my curiosity in matters of fashion, graphics, art, design, sustainable world and creativity is endless, be prepared to visit a lot of unique places and people) B) a sui géneris guide to the feline universe, so that, wether you are a cat lover or not, you can better understand this miracle of nature with two ears and whiskers, because believe me, we have a lot of peculiarities. To know us is to love us!



And here is my first post, I bring you six instagram accounts of jewelry creators that I´ve been poking around lately, either inspired by the children´s world or for kids to wear. We cats are also inspirational for som of them. Of course.


Oh my gooodness, this is a good one -:). Masha makes special jewelry from Ukraine that I absolutely love, ande her outfits? I couldn´t like her more, she is super creative with an irreverent sense of humor. Her pieces are colorful jewelry made from leftover toys. Amazing!

2. @BEADEDJEWELRYWORLD From Tallinn, Estonia, Julia the creator under beadedjewelryworld makes little pieces using beads, which is nice. I like it when she makes figures. Like this pair of earrings, my fovourite. They are supposed to be a cat and dog, and julia ask in her post: "Are you cat or dog person?" And I tell you, dear friend, let´s not segregate the world! I am a cat proud of my breed and suuuuper inclusive. Doggies are so cute and helpful....hahahaha, let them enjoy our company!!

3. @PETIT.CAT.JEWELRY Kawaii jewelry for girls, accessories and lots of kitty inspiration. Melissa, and artist working from Chiapas, Mexico, makes a world of miniatures to order. It makes me want to eat it aaaall ... Bravo Melissa and a big yummy!!

4. @LOTUS.FUN Not to brag, but, let´s face it, few things inspire humans as much as us domestic felines. The number of things that are made with our image would be countless! And since today I´m talking about jewelry, Lotus fun, who are from New York and always inspired by nature in their creations, make us a few tributes like these, do you like them?

5. @JEWELRYFORCOOLKIDS Indeed yes, cool little jewels and certainly POP. There is not much more in this creator instagram account I have to say, but I love the skateboard-earrings, wouldn´t they look great with THECATBRANDW sweatshirts??

6. @SHOPAGRODOLCE Sorry, I couldn´t resist this photo. If we have been given the chance, we cats would now be the only true world top models and this is but a little proof. We were born for it. And just a small remark to Shopagrodolce folks from NYC: next time don´t hesitate and shoot all your catalog with cat beauties, there is so much to choose from! And there is no agency commission, we do it for the fun of it.

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