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We believe in awareness for a more ethical fashion after years of frenetic and massive production that has saturated and damaged the planet. That's why we produce our small collections in an environmentally friendly way, with a local and handmade production. The organic cotton knit is our mainstay, we knit it in factories in the surroundings of Barcelona, taking advantage of the good know-how and the long tradition of the country's textile industries.


We do not over saturate the production; in fact, if case of unavailability of a particular size or having sold out an item you liked, you can write to us and we will check out if it is possible to order it. Personalization and communication with customers and friends of the brand are a must for us. We only collaborate with workshops that work ethically, that's why the processes take time and we pay attention to details.



The future of fashion depends on making a more responsible use of it, by teaching it to our children we will help preserve a craft and a wonderful universe that, like few things, helps us to express ourselves to the world and develop our personality. Our clothes should not be something to use and throw away, that's why we choose quality pieces that provoke an emotion, helping children to enjoy and learn how to take care of them so that they last over time and even have a life beyond those of younger siblings or friends.

It's a great goal!!



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